Bespoke Shirtmaking

A good shirt can say as much about you as your suit. The right fabric, the right cut and individually tailored to your exact size and shape; and incorporating those individual little features makes it a distinct pleasure to wear. Be it casual or more formal, there is a vast range of cloths to choose from; no need to compromise.

Bespoke Shirtmaking

At Phillip Alexander, we offer a bespoke shirt-making service. Our bespoke shirt-maker cuts from hand drafted patterns and are individually hand made.

Customers can choose from 2,500 cloth samples and detailed measurements are taken, noting the customer’s shape as well as his size for a perfect fit.

The shirts are made specifically to the requirements of each customer. Every detail you like in a shirt will be tailored in and every detail you don’t will be tailored around.

The price of our bespoke shirts start at £173 plus vat and we initially need an order for three shirts, after which, individual orders can be taken.

Bespoke Shirts

Dress Shirt – White Tie

The dress shirt is trimmed with a panel on the front with white pique, which can is repeated on the cuffs and the shirt is fastened with studs. The cuffs are single, worn with cuff links and it has a winged collar. The bow tie to accompany the shirt, has to be white cotton pique.

Dress Shirt – Black Tie

It is the same as for white tie, except, they are worn with double cuffs and normal fold down collars, but can be with a winged collar. A more relaxed Dress Shirt, is without the pique panel and studs, is fastened with ordinary buttons hidden behind a fly. Sometimes pleated fronts are used, with hidden buttons.