Black Tie

The term black tie refers to the type of dress, but more specifically, the garment itself is known as a Dinner Jacket, or DJ. These are worn as a suit for formal dinners, formal parties and balls. Also known as a Tuxedo; the name originated in the Tuxedo Club in New York where the garment is first said to be worn, without the usual tails, in 1886. Although in England, the Tuxedo is more likely to be a reference to the White Dinner Jacket, i.e. White Tuxedo. A White Dress Shirt and a self-tie black bow tie is essential. Patent black leather shoes or loafers complete the picture.

In Germany and most of central Europe it is called a ‘smoking’ and the name ‘dinnerjacket’ is reserved for the white tuxedo. The English smoking jacket is very different.

Black Tie - A suit for formal dinners, formal parties and balls