Monday, November 24, 2014

Choosing the Perfect Groom’s Bespoke Wedding Suit

There is a lot of focus and thought put into the bridal gown before a wedding and often many consider this to be one of the most the most important factors considered before the wedding. This does sometime means that the groom’s attire is left as an afterthought.

The day is equally as important to the groom and the suit he chooses, will be the most important garment he will ever wear. And unlike the bride’s outfit, he will be able to wear it again and again in the years to come.

So, if this is the most important garment the groom will ever wear, it should be the very best he can wear.

Versed in Handmade Bespoke Wedding Suit Design

A groom’s bespoke wedding suit that is tailored to Savile Row standards by a skilled tailor is unlikely to be matched on quality and style. Careful thought and professionalism is required for a suit that will impress and delight in equal measure. The colour, design and material of the suit must be carefully considered to achieve the desired tone and compliment the wearer whatever their shape or size.

An accomplished tailor will not only possess the skill to be able to create an impeccable bespoke wedding suit but will have the knowledge and experience of the required etiquette. Before the perfect bespoke wedding suit can be completed, the tailor will guide and providing the appropriate advice as necessary.

Hire Suits-Made to Measure

If there are limitations regarding time and budget, which can often be the case when preparing for a wedding, an alternative option is to choose a made to measure hire suit. The quality of the fit and design of a hire suit does not have to be compromised and a proficient tailor will know this.

Tailored Hire Service

This is not to be confused with a cheap and cheerful hire suit, which may look good on the model advertising them, but often look dreadful on the person wearing them. And most people don’t see how bad they are, until they see themselves on the photos afterwards; bit late then!!

A professionally tailored hire garments, are exactly that, tailored. They fit, because they are individually tailored to the customers shape, it is the best way to have hire garments; the only way to have an elegant hire garment; tailored.

Contacting Phillip Alexander Savile Row Tailors

Phillip Alexander tailors provide a professional and exquisite bespoke handmade suit service that proves popular with many grooms.

The proper way to dress for a wedding; it is expensive, but it’s the best. To find out more or to book an appointment, phone +44(0) 207 287 4440 but feel free to visit at any time during our opening hours.