Monday, November 24, 2014

The Etiquette of Wearing Tailor Made Suits

A good suit communicates respectability and style; and is a statement of status and authority. But only if it’s done correctly. Knowing the correct etiquette of what, how and what not to wear for an occasion, is important. So the correct style, colour and fabric of a suit for a particular occasion may need to be selected carefully. If it hasn’t been thought through properly, there is a danger of just looking foolish in a fancy suit. Phillip Alexander have vast knowledge and experience in advising their customers on the correct tailor made suit to wear and most important, what not to wear.

They can provide the most expensive, stylish, Savile Row tailor made suits that money can buy; but it has to be the right suit for the right occasion. Sometimes, a less expensive tailor made suit, than the customer first considers; in the correct style and colour, may be more appropriate.

Measurements & Fitting

For a handmade suits to have the desired effect, it must be measured and fitted by a trained tailor. The bespoke tailor, takes up to fifty measurements; and details of the customer’s shape as well as his size are carefully noted, which will provide the perfect fit. The bespoke tailor made suits that are crafted in Savile Row London, are designed with great care and attention to detail, ensuring an impeccable look. The bespoke tailor will also cut and fashion the suit, to delicately enhance and compliment the wearer’s shape and figure, giving him that discreet confident appearance that Savile Row suits are famous for. An ill-fitting suit will distort the shape of the wearer, which is the opposite of what is expected from a tailor made suit; and certainly the opposite of a Savile Row tailor made suit.

Buttoning Etiquette for Suits and Jackets

Although this is easy enough to follow, not many people do. Which shows that not many people have a tailor to advise them and few will have a tailor made suit. Because, it only works well, if the suit fits reasonably, sadly, for the majority, they don’t fit well, if at all.

3 Buttoned Jacket or Suit

Top button sometimes buttoned
Middle button ALWAYS buttoned
And the bottom button is NEVER used

2 Button Jacket

The top button ALWAYS buttoned.
The lower button never

1 Button Jacket

Always buttoned

The exception to this rule is, if wearing a vest (waistcoat) with the suit, making it a three-piece suit, the jacket can be left open; but if it’s buttoned up, the same rules apply to a three-piece suit, as a two-piece suit.

A correctly cut jacket or suit should be designed for the bottom button not to be fastened, which is rarely the case with ready-made suits.

Visit Phillip Alexander – Savile Row in London

There are many other aspects of dress etiquette, which Phillip Alexander in Savile Row London or Wilmslow Cheshire are pleased to share with their customers. And the bespoke tailors can answer any questions and advise on the appropriate etiquette for any occasion. Feel free to visit and discuss tailor made suits, coats, shirts, or indeed any other related matters, but it is advisable to book an appointment, which will ensure you have the full attention of an experienced tailoring assistant or a bespoke tailor.