Monday, November 24, 2014

How We Make Your Perfect Tailor Made Suit

The process of suit tailoring is one that requires much skill and attention to detail. Savile Row is synonymous with elegant and world renowned tailor made suit design and tailoring and as such, each stage of the suit making process should be done so to the highest degree of quality and meticulousness.

The Tailor Made Suit Making Process

We will start by discussing in detail your requirements. This can mean the suit you have in mind, in what fabric, colour and for which occasion it is intended. If you are unsure then a Savile Row Tailor will be able to advise you on the most appropriate suit design for you and one that will compliment your shape and size. We can work adeptly to a blank canvas if necessary.

We will take nearly thirty detailed measurements, taking not of the wearers shape and size to ensure that we make your tailor made suit to be a perfect fit. Each panel is then cut and shaped as a paper pattern. This is the planning stage of the tailor made suit making process.

The paper plans are laid on the fabric and outlined using tailors chalk. This takes skill and extreme care to ensure that the pattern matches. The next stage is when cutting the suit starts in earnest. There can be up to 52 panels that need cutting and this must be done using precision and an expertly steady hand. We can also start gathering the trimmings such as paddings, pocketing, braidings, linings and clips.

Using baste stitches the individual parts are then sewn together. This stitching is white so this can be easily seen to cut as the suit must then be once again taken apart. Once the inner linings and shoulder padding are in place the jacket is now ready for the customer to try on, this will indicate whether the suit is to standard and for the customer to request any adjustments.

Once satisfied the garment is then taken apart and the agreed alterations carried out. A further fitting is sometimes required if the suit is of a more complex design, this is known as a forward fit.

After the garment is sewn back together again and the collar and linings fitted, the suit is pressed by hand to give it shape and the button holes and buttons are included. One final pressing gives the suit its final shape.

On Completion

The tailor made suit making process takes somewhere in the region of twelve weeks and the customer is given a final inspection of the suit to ensure they are completely satisfied with the final piece. This is how we make your perfect tailor made suit.