Monday, November 24, 2014

New Year, New Suit, New You with the Help of a Bespoke Tailor

Is gloomy January getting you down? The short days, long nights and bitter weather is enough to dampen even the highest of spirits but there is a way to improve your mood and disposition and one that should keep that mood at a high for a good while after and that is retail therapy. The term retail therapy is more often applied to the fairer sex but in actuality anyone can feel the benefits of treating oneself with a gift but this must be done right. I’m not talking about rash and compulsive buys that when you get home you realise you hadn’t really thought it over, I’m talking something that will make you feel a million dollars in an instant. A luxury handmade suit made by a bespoke tailor will do just that.

Feel Empowered this January with a Savile Row Handmade Suit

Anyone who has had the pleasure of wearing a suit that has been tailored by a Savile Row tailor will tell you that there are few things that can make the wearer feel as elegant and confident than a handmade suit that is expertly tailored to the individual measurements of the wearer.

Well fitted attire feels and looks great but Savile Row tailoring is something else. The perfect fit is achieved through taking over thirty detailed measurements but this is only part of what makes a Savile Row suit so perfect for the wearer. The process of making the perfect handmade suit starts with discussion. The Savile Row bespoke tailor will start by finding out the purpose of the suit. This could include the occasion it is intended for or what image you would like to convey as the wearer. An expert bespoke tailor will have extensive knowledge of suit etiquette and where appropriate will advise what works best for the particular wearer and their needs. There are various designs, fabrics and colours to consider when choosing your suit and if you are unsure a Savile Row tailor will advise.

Save Time and Money with Groom Suit Hire

We understand that January isn’t the most prosperous of months and to have a suit made entirely for you by a bespoke tailor may not be financially viable, what’s more, making a handmade suit can be very time consuming not only for the bespoke tailor but for the customer. If you are limited on time or money then the perfect solution is bespoke suit hire. Hiring a suit does not mean you must compromise on the quality and fit of the garment, on the contrary, bespoke suit hire does not mean your suit has to look borrowed or ill fitting as a skilled Savile Row tailor will be able to expertly adjust and customise the suit to your exact measurements and size in such a way that the most well trained eye would have trouble telling the difference. Bespoke suit hire is a popular choice for grooms and groom suit hire from Phillip Alexander does not disappoint.

Let a Phillip Alexander Bespoke Tailor Dedicate their Time to You

So ensure you are ready for any occasion and treat yourself to a Savile Row suit lovingly crafted by a bespoke tailor. Here at Phillip Alexander we provide an exemplary all round service and ensure that we are friendly and approachable. We welcome you to come visit us at any time between our opening hours but we urge you to contact us and make an appointment in advance so we can dedicate our time solely to your needs. Invigorate yourself this January with a Savile Row suit.