Monday, November 24, 2014

Phillip Alexander Professional Personal Tailoring Service

It doesn’t take a professional to recognise when a suit has been tailored to perfection by a qualified and experienced tailor. The attention to detail, the care with which every stitch is sewn, results in an impressive and flattering attire. When choosing a good personal tailoring services, the standards and service should be second to none. That’s quality tailoring.

A Combination of Personal Tailoring Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Bespoke suits can come in any styles but the style you choose, should be the one that enhances your individual shape and size; that’s what a personal tailoring service is. A bespoke tailor has the skill to design, tailor and fit a garment that best compliments and suits his customer. He also understands the etiquette that best suits the occasion. There are different suits for different occasions and an experienced bespoke tailor will know what style, fabric and colour options to advise his customer to consider.

A bespoke tailor will provide a professional service and part of his professionalism is to put customers at ease, to ensure the best results. It is by really listening to customer’s needs, desires and most importantly, listening to their dislikes that the best results can be achieved. Those aspirations are converted into details that are tailored into their garments; and the dislikes, tailored around.

Savile Row

Savile Row is world renown for prestigious and exemplary tailoring and elegant designs. Phillip Alexander are proud to provide that service to their customers. Meet the tailors in the showrooms, in Wilmslow or London, affectionately known by some as the suit shop. Whilst visitors are most welcomed at any time, calling in advance to make an arrangement will ensure that a tailor will be available. London +44(0)207 287 4440 Wilmslow +44(0)1625 521337.