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Phillip Alexander Full Bespoke garments are cut and made in Savile Row London and our less expensive Made to Measure Semi-bespoke garments are made in the North of England.

As an experienced and renowned London Savile Row tailor, Phillip Alexander provide bespoke suits of exemplary standard as well as casual suits and wedding suits.

Handmade Suit – Savile Row

Style and sartorial elegance is a reflection of the individual as it projects the particular character of the wearer. We strive for understated elegance, whether a full bespoke suit, made to measure suit, or any garment.

Our bespoke suits are not designed to in isolation, but to ensure the best appearance of the person wearing it.

The confidences of our customers are enhanced, knowing they are well dressed, in a comfortable and discreetly elegant bespoke suit.

Dress Wear

Formal social occasions require the correct formal attire, whether black tie, white tie, white tuxedo or morning dress; we will guide you on the appropriate dress code, whatever the event.

Sporting and Country Wear

Country Sports enthusiasts are catered for at Phillip Alexander, with knowledge and expertise, but you don’t have to be a Country Sports enthusiast to value the good looks and longevity of these marvelous typically English garments.

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Feel free to visit our showrooms for advice and further information at any time, but suggest an appointment would be useful. Contact the Savile Row showrooms on
+44(0) 207 287 4440 or simply fill out the contact form on this page.