Smoking Jackets

They are made from velvet in a range of colours; burgundy, dark green, deep purple, violet or dark green, with a shawl collar usually in matching silk. Double breasted, with frogging, in a fleur de lys design. As its name suggests, they were originally worn for smoking after dinner; when gentlemen would retire to a smoking area, if ladies were present.

Smoking Jackets today are worn as a casual dinner jacket more typically in England, to parties in homes, especially by the host, less formal ‘black tie’ parties and country balls. They should be worn with dinner trousers, dress shirt, black bow tie, patent shoes or velvet slippers.

Smoking Jacket Casual

They are also sometimes worn at home, as a warm cosy jacket, with an open neck shirt, sporting a cravat, keeping out the cold, in the most elegant way.