Bespoke Suits

A handmade bespoke or made to measure suit, should be designed to enhance and compliment the wearer’s specific shape, size and appearance. The individual details and designs, which are incorporated into the garment, are done differently for each unique customer. This enhances the customer’s shape by addressing their specific requirements.

The shape of the bespoke suit, which is a British invention, was designed to make the wearer look taller, more masculine, giving him presence and gravitas.

The word “bespoke” is the past tense of “bespeak” .

This is an individually hand cut garment, cut to the customer’s specific style, measurements and specific shape, by an experienced cutter or tailor.

Made to measure or semi-bespoke garments are handmade.

But unlike the full bespoke, machines are used where possible, therefore less handwork, resulting in reduced costs.

See our expert craftsmen at work

An insight into what goes into the process of creating a hand made bespoke Savile Row suit.

Designed to protect the garment worn underneath.

Overcoats are outer garments that are made of heavier cloths than suits or jacketing, to provide extra warmth.

The right accessories will show off the bespoke clothing to perfect effect

Selected carefully, accessories can perfectly complement the outfit, creating the perfect finish.

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