Monday, November 24, 2014

Superior Savile Row Measured and Fitted Formal Suit Hire Service

Finding the perfect suit is not straightforward. Knowing what details to design in and what to design out, what colours are suitable, from which material, is a skill in itself. Having a bespoke tailor at hand who understands the etiquette and knows what is appropriate for the occasion is priceless. Those who choose a measured and fitted formal suit hire from Phillip Alexander Savile Row, have a garment of the highest standard, fitted by an expert, they also receive Savile Row service.

The Perfect Solution for Groom Attire

We all know the attention and enthusiasm that is given to the bride’s gown, but sometimes, the groom’s attire is an afterthought. And whilst at weddings formal suit hire is acceptable; they don’t have to look like hire garments and they certainly don’t need to look cheap or ill-fitting.

Formal suit hire does not mean that the quality of the fit is poor; and a tailor that has the right skills and experience will customise the suit, using the same skills they would for a suit made for you. The garment will be fitted and individually tailored to accommodate your individual shape and size. It will look fantastic.

If you decide against purchasing a suit of your very own and would rather hire, make sure it looks the part. A made to measure suit hire does.

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