Thursday, November 20, 2014

Traditional and Contemporary Savile Row Tailoring

One of the reasons that Savile Row has maintained its reputation as being leaders in the art of made to measure bespoke tailoring, is the ability to not only hold on to traditional tailoring methods but to also adapt to the demands of the modern man. For over 200 years, Savile Row tailors have been considered the most adept and highly skilled craftsmen of the bespoke tailor made suit and with worldwide competition from those hoping for at least a taste of this renowned status. The tailors in Savile Row work to ensure that this reputation remains unrivalled.

A New Generation of Appreciation for the Savile Row Tailor

The rise in popularity of the high street means more and more people are choosing clothes-to-go. It was during the 1970s, right through to the 1980s the suit tailoring industry felt the impact as a result of this. The convenience of being able to browse and take home a suit the same day, has proven to be almost irresistible to much of the population; unfortunately this has meant that many gentlemen have compromised on quality and style in favour of a low cost and a quick fix.

The good news is that a new generation are starting to realise the allure of a bespoke handmade suit painstakingly hand crafted by an experienced Savile Row tailor and there are still those that understand that a ready-made suit does not compare to the elegance and overall quality of the design and fit of a Savile row suit.

We Provide a Personalised Tailoring Service

A Phillip Alexander Savile Row tailor will provide you with a personalised service during which our tailors will discuss your requirements. In these early stages advice will be provided on the most suitable colour, fabric and design for the occasion it is intended for. Accurate measurements are taken. A Savile Row tailor, up to nearly fifty measurements can be taken taken and detailed notes concerning the customers exact shape are also made, as well as his size. The combination of this will result in an individual tailor made suit, which is the signature of Savile Row standards.

Contact Phillip Alexander Ahead of your Visit

Phillip Alexander welcomes visitors at anytime between opening times, both in Savile Row London and Wilmslow Cheshire, but we do encourage those that require our assistance to give us a call ahead of their visit.