Wedding Suits


Wedding Suits

Advice on Any Suit Garment

A Bespoke Tailor will offer professional advice; provide an all round service and take time to understand his customers and their needs, guiding his customers towards the most appropriate suit or garment. He will make various suggestions and will find ideas, colours and styles that will delight. No apology is needed for any shape or size; the look will be impeccable.

Many options are available, formal wear, eveningwear, traditional lounge suits, modern or a relaxed outfit. 
But whatever is chosen by the Groom will also dictate the dress code. If the Groom wears a morning coat, the Best Man, Father of the bride and the Ushers will follow. Whilst not all guests may dress the same, the general tone of the wedding will be defined, so careful thought needs to be given to this decision.The wedding day is considered to be one of the most important days of your life and it certainly will be the most important day you will ever dress for. Getting it right will never again be as important.

Handmade Bespoke Groom’s Suit or Garment

In order to look and feel your best on the big day, a tailored wedding suit should be the order of the day. A handmade groom’s suit or garment that is cut and fitted to complement the wearers shape and size will make you look your best. Nothing instills confidence quite like a bespoke, handmade fitted suit.

Other Wedding Suit Options

If budget or time constraints will not allow for a full-bespoke suit or garment, Phillip Alexander Tailors have alternatives that can be most useful. There is a less expensive Made to Measure service, or even their tailored Formal Wedding Hire service.

Being fitted and tailored into a hire garment by a bespoke tailor will look infinitely more elegant than most ready to wear garments.

Wedding Suits