Bespoke Tailoring

With an enormous range of different cloths and almost endless style and design options, choosing the right combination may seem daunting, but an experienced Bespoke Tailor will guide you towards garments which are suitable for the occasion, your colouring, size and your individual shape. A hand tailored bespoke suit starts at £3,267 and a semi bespoke hand tailored suit starts at £1500 all plus VAT.

A handmade bespoke or made to measure suit.

The individual details and designs, which are incorporated into the garment, are done differently for each unique customer.

A good shirt can say as much about you as your suit.

We incorporate individual little features to make our garments a distinct and pleasure to wear.

It can be a problem as to how informal you should dress.

The rule is, at all times retain your dignity and be elegant; if in doubt make it more formal than less.