Spring is here even though it may not feel like it. But at least we have the consolation of brighter days while we continue waiting for the warmer weather to arrive.

One thing that can be a problem at this time of year is knowing what to wear as the weather is often at its most unpredictable during the transition between the seasons.

If you regularly dress in formal clothes then you can sometimes end up wearing the darker materials of winter as conditions turn unexpectedly warmer during a spring heatwave.

To avoid this, the trick is to begin to introduce lighter fabrics to your wardrobe which better reflect the season while retaining some elements of your winter wardrobe just in case.

The key to making the seamless transition from winter to spring with formal wear is to use layers. A formal overcoat can be taken on and off to suit the conditions and it will also help protect a light coloured suit during the heavy showers we often see at this time of year.

A sweater can also be a good idea. This can be worn over a formal shirt and tie for a classic look or even dressed down with a T-shirt underneath.

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