Dress codes for weddings and formal black tie events are easy to understand and it doesn’t take much thought to decide what to wear for these types of events. Sometimes, however, you may be invited to an event where you are told the dress code is to dress casual or perhaps this may be a business event where you are expected to turn up ‘business casual’.

So how on earth do you decide what to wear? 

The keyword in both is casual but it would be wrong to turn up underdressed for these occasions. For starters you can probably feel safe to ditch the tie and you might even decide that a jacket would be too much in which case you can always wear a smart sweater instead.

If you are attending a business event then you should still wear a shirt with a collar along with trousers rather than jeans and, most importantly, a pair of shoes rather than trainers.

For social events, being told to turn up in casual dress doesn’t mean you can turn up in anything as the invitation might suggest. It is still important to arrive in reasonably smart attire such as smart jeans or casual trousers along with a casual shirt and perhaps a polo top which ideal for these sorts of occasions. Again, you should wear shoes rather than trainers.