None of us likes to be caught out by our lack of knowledge about something. In the world of fine tailoring with its great traditions stretching back hundreds of years, there is a quite a lot to remember. While most people know what a dinner suite is less people will know exactly what defines a lounge suit so if you are confused by a dress code that mentions this – please read on… 

Say for example you have just been invited to a function (it is that time of year after all) and instead of a dinner suit you have been told the dress code requires that you wear a lounge suit. This is enough to leave anyone who doesn’t do formal wear often scratching their heads. A dinner suite is far easier to decipher, why ask me to wear a lounge suite? Will be the most likely thought running through your head.  

Fortunately, you can relax. A lounge suit is simply nothing more than a business suit. Yes you heard that right. The only reason someone will have written lounge suit on your invitation is that it sounds better and it is indeed the correct name of course.  

One thing you should always do with a lounge suit is wear a shirt and tie. So if your business suit normally considers something a bit more casual, then you will need to upgrade.