The decision to invest in and wear a suit is one you won’t regret but like anything else of value it needs to be looked after properly to look its best.

Unfortunately, after being worn a few times, a suit often gets creased and depending on the material these creases can be hard to remove. So here are some top tips on how to avoid those dreaded creases spoiling your suit so that you will always look smart wearing it.

Hang up your suit when it isn’t being worn 

It’s easy to take off a suit and simply throw it on the bed or perhaps unpack a suit from a suitcase and do the same. A few extra seconds spent on hanging it up will make a world of difference and will reduce those creases.

Ditch the cheap plastic hangers 

Many people make the mistake of thinking a hanger is a hanger and hang their suits up using cheap plastic ones, high street stores are often happy to give away. Investing in a good quality hanger made from wood with padding will protect your suit and help retain its shape. It’s also less likely to end up on the floor of the wardrobe.

…and if your suit is creased 

You can always hang your suit up in a steamy bathroom which can be useful in removing light creases and it is also possible to use a steam iron to remove them depending on the material (seek advice before you do this to avoid ruining your suit!). Alternatively take your suit to a dry cleaners to have your suit professionally cleaned.