Many people see the benefits of investing in a tailored suit and then try and save money by buying a shirt from a high street retailer. Yet a poorly fitted shirt can spoil everything which is why investing in a bespoke shirt designed to fit your body well is such a wise investment.

So if you are looking to complete your look for that special occasion with a tailored shirt here are some of our tips.

Choosing the Right Type Of Shirt 

A simple tip is to choose your shirt to fit the occasion. If you are attending a corporate event and just want to blend in then go for a traditional style shirt that looks smart and in keeping with the occasion. If it’s a casual event or party then a polo style shirt will work just fine.

What type of material works best? 

One of the benefits of investing a bespoke shirt is the quality of the material. All our shorts are made from the finest cotton which is durable and feels great next to your skin.

What colour is best? 

If you are wearing a suit then the colour of your shirt should combine well with it. You sometimes notice people at corporate events wearing incredibly load shirts which draw the attention. This is ok if it suits your personality but again if you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself opt for more corporate colours and experiment with new colours and styles if you are attending something more casual.

The right fit 

The point of buying a bespoke shirt is to find something that works with rather than against your body. If a shirt fits well which means it isn’t too stretched or baggy, then this can make a real difference to your appearance no matter what your body shape is.