Nobody ever got criticised for being a sharp dresser which is why it is always useful to know how important it is to pay attention to your appearance, particularly in politics or business where appearance is still everything and want to make the right impression.

Of course not everyone pays attention to this. Politics is a fine example of sharp and not so sharp dressers. I could think of one leading politician in particular who has suddenly started dressing more sharply although I won’t name names.

Fashions change of course but when it comes down to electability people will always tend to go for a politician that takes pride in their appearance rather than one without a tie or some other missing part of their formal wear.

The reason for this is we tend to judge people rightly or wrongly based on their appearance. IF say a tie is missing from a formal suit we get the impression that the person can’t be bothered to make a bit of extra effort.

The same thing is true in any walk of life. Dressing well projects success while looking shabby makes us imagine that the person doesn’t have the financial means to look good even if they do.

The same can be true in the opposite sense. You can make yourself look more successful than you are with a well-tailored suit and tie.