Bespoke Suits

You may have come across the term ‘bespoke’ many times but its connection with tailoring goes back much further, right to the origins of the word itself. Bespoke refers to having something made to your particular style and taste and it is often unique as a result.

One of the more common misconceptions about tailoring is that bespoke tailoring and made to measure mean the same thing. This isn’t true. Over the years some tailors have strayed from the traditions laid down more than 100 years ago and have introduced variations to make suits more affordable.

Bespoke tailoring in the Savile Row tradition means having a suit made that is more accurately tailored to your specific measurements, so it is far more personalised than having a simple made-to-measure suit.

The materials used for bespoke suits will be of the finest quality which you would expect from any tailor and will normally be the same used for a made to measure suit however the difference lies in the style and patterns you will be choosing from as part of the process of having your suit designed as part of a much longer consultation process.

Buying a bespoke suit from Phillip Alexander means not only gaining access to experts with a strong heritage in bespoke tailoring, but also a fine service to go with it.

We work to understand how you want to project your personality and the parts you want to make the best of. This is why you will pay significantly more for a bespoke suit than a made to measure suit from a tailor.

This can be seen as an investment in a suit that will last you a long time and won’t simply follow the fashions of the day, which can quickly go out of date. Often a bespoke suit can sometimes work out not that much more expensive than buying several suits of inferior quality over its lifetime.

Made to measure meanwhile means that you will be getting a more streamlined service that is ideal for people in a hurry who don’t want their suit designed and handmade from scratch.

Savile Row is the undisputed home of handcrafted British bespoke suits made to fit the rich and famous Royal family members to film stars and having your own bespoke suit offers you the chance to join them in looking impeccably well presented.

So if you would like to gain more insight into what goes into the process of creating a bespoke Savile Row suit, take a look at the video. In the video you can see for yourself how our expert craftsmen go about their work. From marking out using tailor’s chalk to cutting of the fabric and basting, you will be amazed at the amount of work that goes into making a bespoke suit.

If you have any questions about having your own Savile Row bespoke suit made or would like to book an appointment for an initial consultation then please contact us.