Bespoke Suits Manchester

If you’re looking to buy a bespoke handmade suit in Manchester, then Phillip Alexander is the place to find it. We also provide all kinds of tailoring services no matter what the occasion or purpose.

Bespoke handmade suits and shirts created by the experienced team at Phillip Alexander will always be of exceptional quality and you can be confident that we take great pride in being one of the foremost bespoke suit tailors in Manchester.

If you want to look your best for a wedding, then a bespoke wedding suit that is handmade can make all the difference on your big day. All our suits are designed around your unique body shape and to make the most of it.

Our highly trained and experienced tailors are part of an enduring tradition stretching back over 140 years to the 19th Century when tailoring was mostly only accessible to the wealthier members of society.

Fortunately a lot has changed since then, but not the attention to detail and emphasis on quality handmade suits that continues to this day.

Our clients are often so impressed with the service we provide for the big occasions in their lives, they often return again and again for handmade bespoke shirts and other items for purposes including business and leisure.