Savile Row Shirts

A tailored shirt is the centrepiece everyone notices whether it is worn for the office or a special occasion. This is why an investment in a Savile row shirt is essential for any well-dressed gentleman.

Savile Row has a global reputation for the quality suite making carried out by the various fine tailors located on this famous old London Street. We are proud say that Philip Alexander is one of them and we adhere to the high standards of quality and craftsmanship that has always been a hallmark of Saville Row suits and shirt making.

Investing in bespoke fitted shirt means you will not only look your best but also own a shirt cut to your exact dimensions so that it is unique to you. There will be nothing else quite like it.

This is one of the best things about buying a bespoke Saville Row shirt. You can have it made to measure your own particular body shape rather than have a shirt that billows or fits too tightly and bulges in all the wrong areas. Aside from the fit itself, we also use only the finest quality materials in all our clothing including our cotton shirts.

Owning a Saville Row Shirt means buying into a tradition that stretches back to the 19th Century, a tradition that transcends fashion trends by focusing on classic designs that never go out of fashion.

Savile Row has earned its reputation as the best place to buy bespoke suits and shirts and it remains a top destination for the wealthy and famous members of society including the Royal Family.

You will soon find that having a shirt made by a Savile Row Tailor is as much about the high level of service as it is about quality. Our advisers are always on hand to guide you in your selections of colours and styles. If you want a shirt for a particular occasion we will ensure that it fits and matches your suit perfectly.

From business shirts to wedding shirts we will have your shirt made to measure and delivered on time for your event.

Phillip Alexander has a tradition that dates back more than 140 years and these traditions of bespoke suit making have been handed down over generations of tailors to ensure that our Saville Row Suits and Shirts will continue to be preserved for now and for future generations to come.