Savile Row Tailors

Savile Row is a world famous street in London associated with suite making of the highest quality and more specifically bespoke suit making. Phillip Alexander proudly occupies a place on this Street which is as unique and exclusive as the thousands of suits made to measure behind the shopfronts of some of the finest names in tailoring.

Suits are yet another thing we can be proud of in this great country of ours and the suit as everyone know it is a British invention. It is part of a tradition that stretches back to the 19th Century and through many fashion trends that have come and gone. Great inventions such as the dinner jacket can trace their origins to Savile Row thanks to Henry Poole, a pioneer in the art of tailoring.

Like all great inventions the dinner jacket has stood the test of time and has changed little in more than a century of use at formal events. There is simply nothing else like a well-tailored dinner suit to flatter the male form and this is just one example of the influence of Savile Row seeing dinner suits worn all over the world.

Savile Row is the home of handcrafted British bespoke suits and it has earned its reputation among the rich and famous as well as the Royal family who continue to have their suits made bespoke by tailors on Savile Row.

A Savile Row Tailor is about more than just quality bespoke suits however, it about providing a service to match where we act as both guides and advisors on the correct combinations and styles to suit various occasions.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers confidence that what they are wearing will be of an impeccably high standard hand tailored by our skilled tailors. The term bespoke in connection with tailoring is also said to have originated on Savile Row when suits were cut and made by hand.

Despite its strong traditions, Savile Row has moved with the times from its early origins where some tailors were making military dress uniforms for British Officers in the First World War to subsequent movements in the 1960s with Nutters of Savile Row to designer in the 1990s who became synonymous with the “New Bespoke Movement”.

Phillip Alexander has a tradition that dates back more than 140 years, which means we can call upon a vast amount of knowledge which has been handed down over the years to keep the strong traditions of bespoke Savile Row suit making alive for current and future generations.