Why use a tailor? The simple most people give is to ensure the clothes you wear are correctly measured and fitted to your body shape. But as any experienced tailor will tell you there is so much more to tailoring than this.

When you have a tradition like ours, which stretches back 140 years, tailoring becomes an art as much as it is a service.

Using a fine bespoke tailor with a strong heritage means you will certainly stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Using a tailor means you can say goodbye to ill fitted suits trousers and shirts and replace them with a wardrobe fit for any occasion.

No matter what your body shape, a good tailor will work with you to tailor clothes that will enhance your body shape and disguise imperfections with a whole range of clever adjustments that require skill and years of training to perfect.

In more enlightened times when people realised clothes could be far more than practical things to wear, clothing become a way to highlight the best of our bodies and flatter.

To this day using the services of a tailor means you can avoid trousers that are too long, jackets that hang rather than fit snug and shirts that billow rather than enhance your frame.

Yet for many people, tailoring can seem like a lot of effort. All that consultation, the fittings and the taking of measurements can seem a bit fussy in today’s world where everything is fast and gives instant results.

The best things in life take time. It’s only when our clients take the time to go through this process and they see the benefits that they realise what a great investment it was.

The suits we make for our clients are guaranteed to be made from materials of superior quality. Our bespoke made-to-measure suits are an investment in quality fabric that will last you for many years or until the point where your size changes.

You will soon understand that a consultation with Phillip Alexander is part of the added value you receive from our superior level of service.

We understand that true tailoring isn’t just about being measured up and being sent on your way. Getting to know you as a person is important so that we come up with the right clothing for your personality.

If you want to find out more about what an expert tailor can do to transform your formal wardrobe then please get in touch.