Formal Dress Wear

Dress Wear is the standard terms for garments suitable for formal social events; and the term Formal Wear is the American equal-event. The reason Formal Dress Wear is used, is to appease both sides of the pond.

Strict codes used to apply, but these days those rules are not rigidly adhered to. But it is useful to know the difference between a ‘black tie’ a ‘tuxedo’ and a ‘full evening dress’; and when should you wear a ‘black’ rather than ‘grey’ morning coat?

The term Evening Wear and Morning Wear, simply means which part of the day the garment is worn.

The term black tie refers to the type of dress

These are worn as a suit for formal dinners, formal parties and balls.

A white tuxedo may be worn in a warm climate

The jacket, white or ivory, can be double or single breasted; traditionally both with a peaked lapel faced with silk.

They were originally worn for smoking after dinner.

Smoking Jackets today are worn as a casual dinner jacket more typically in England.

This is formal daywear. For weddings and Formal.

They used to be called ‘cut away’ coats, because they are frock coats with the corners cut away.

The most formal evening attire for a gentleman.

Worn at very formal balls, formal civic functions and occasionally to the opera.

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